About us

About Avocado Decor

We at Avocado Décor have been active in carpets and mats business in whole of Canada since many years. Our imports from overseas are mainly from Europe and Asia. We partner with manufacturers who operate their businesses ethically.

Our experts identify emerging lifestyle and market trends in their early stages. This helps Avocado Décor to cater to the contemporary tastes of our clients.

Our specialities are machine made artif icial silks, polypropylene and polyester fibre that allow intricate, elegant patterns and soft feel underfoot. We also are pioneers in introducing carpets without fringes.

All our collections of indoor/outdoor are at present unsurpassed in their popularity with their delicate design patterns and contemporary colour combinations.

The sales team at Avocado Décor are motivated competent professionals. They draw upon excellent support from the corporate head office and provide extra ordinary service to our clients. We thrive on Quality of our Products and Service, Competitive Prices and reliability of Delivery.

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